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We are a little weird in this family…we tend to by our own gifts a lot. Like, I told my husband that I was buying my SCBWI membership for my Mother’s Day gift from him and the kiddo.

I know…I know…it’s not very romantic…but it works. He’s pretty much bought his Father’s Day gift already – he’s building a smoker/grill thing and it’s already cost a chunk in metal and other parts. 🙂

So anywho, I’m know officially a SCBWI member. (Thanks Babe!) I’m not sure exactly what to do with it yet but I’ve checked out the message boards a bit. My number #1 goal with it is to find a local writing/critique group. I want to meet local writers and to do that I’ve got to put myself out there a bit.

EEK! Will you hold my hand through it?

Speaking of writing, how about an update on my WIP? Well, I’m plugging along. I blew through my April 30th deadline but I’m okay with it. I have set a new date for the end of May…hoping that’s doable.

I did make it through one of the pivotal scenes I had been stressed about. First draft is all just words, words, words for now so I’m just glad I finally got it written.

I’m going to try to blog here a bit more, I think. I’m still doing a lot of internal wrestling with my writing goals, short-term and long-term. I think I stress and worry and get anxious about everything too often. I’m going to work on that too. 🙂


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