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Updates AKA First Draft is DONE

I finished the first draft for The First Drop earlier this month! I would have posted here…but I was on a high and then jumped right into revisions. Which have kind of stalled because I’ve been having some wrist issues/pain. Boo.
Speaking of revisions, I’ve decided to tackle the first round focusing on three big items:

1. Tense – I started this draft for NaNo 2011 and was focusing on word count so when I found myself not sure on present verses past tense I just kept going. Which means there are sentenaces with both tenses floating around. I decided on present tense a little after the halfway point, so the first half needs cleaned up big-time.
2. Obvious errors and inconsistencies. Things like last names that dance around or the word on instead of one.
3. Notes on adding MORE. Even though I started this with the intention of MORE WORDS for NaNo…I left out a lot of details – how someone looks, more detailed descriptions of what a place looks like. I did a lot of feelings and impressions, but not a lot of detail to let the reader really picture a place or person. I’m not actually adding in more words, but making notes on where to add in more at this point.
I’ve printed the whole MS and stuck it in a 3-ring binder. I have two highlighters – green for tenses and orange for errors/etc. I’m adding sticky notes to the pages that need more words and descriptions. I’m hoping that once I finish this first round and make the corrections on the actual document that I can print it out again and focus more on the story and flow.

I would love – in a perfect world – to get through this first round and update the actual Word doc with these changes by the end of October. I’m really hoping to participate and WIN NaNo 2012 so I would like this round of revision wrapped up before that starts.

This year’s NaNo project is floating in my head already and I’m pretty excited about it! I’m hoping that not taking a week long vacation in the middle of November should help me actually win this year instead of failing like last year. 🙂


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