The First Drop, Writing

Revisions and Plans

I’ve started a deep and wide revision of the currently titled The First Drop. It’s absolutely terrifying, let me tell you.

I’m adding a complete separate POV to this novel, so not only do I have some plot path editing to do, but I have new scenes and additional character details to develop and write. As scary as it is, I’m excited about this new direction. I wrote my first scene with the new POV and finally felt the rush of happiness I’ve been missing when it comes to this revision.

During Emmett’s middle of the night feedings I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and plotting and creative mojo producing. Sometimes the computer gets a little boring for me.  I wish my Grandparent’s old typewriter still worked…the feel, the color, and the noise would give my creativity a jump start.


Isn’t it pretty?

No to mention, this winter has been long and hard lately so it’s felt dark and blah-blah-blah when it comes to actually sitting down and writing. The sun has started shining lately and spring is officially around the corner so I know better writing days are on the horizon. But, the thoughts and daydreams are helping me get a better feel for this story so I guess these days of not writing aren’t wasted, huh?


1 thought on “Revisions and Plans”

  1. There’s nothing like writing on a manual typewriter. I had one that was my aunts and it got destroyed in the move…I cried when I found it broken in the box.

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