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A Promise To Myself…

A few weeks ago my maternity leave ran out, but instead of heading back to work…I (well, really Brett and I) decided to make the fourth biggest life change (you know, behind getting married and making two babies) I’ve ever made – I didn’t go back to work. I’m officially a Stay At Home Momma. It was (and still is, to be honest) a bit scary, but no regrets.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this all plays into writing since this is, after all, a blog primarily about writing. Well, over this past weekend I made myself a promise. I’m taking this 5.5 years until Emmett is in elementary school (when I would probably get another job) and pursuing this whole Getting Published Thing. For real. I’ve danced around it in my mind a bazillion times. I’ve dreamed of it, and then thrown the suggestion out, but fear will not win this time.

I may end up on the other side of this journey without an agent or book deal, but at least I will have tried and given it my all, right?

Brett is completely on-board with this, which is really the only way it could actually go forward. He’s already tried to kick me out of the house to go write and has taken over kiddo duties a few times so I could plot and brainstorm. He’s amazing. And no, you can’t have him…he’s all mine.

Going forward, I hope to be blogging more often here to keep my mojo strong and my movement going forward. If nothing else, this will be my place to keep myself accountable and track my progress!


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