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Coincidence? I Think Not.

Even though I’m starting (ahem, I’ve only typed one new chapter…but I’m doing a lot of thinking!) revisions on The First Drop, I’ve allowed another Shiny New Idea to bounce around in my mind. I started jotting down notes and ideas a few weeks ago and finally gave in to working on it in Scrivener last week. And man, seeing the photos of the characters and the list of scene ideas I already have…lit a fire under me. I WANT to write this story NOW. I’m not quite ready to write it…and I’m REALLY trying to stay focuses on revisions because I tend to run away from revisions like I’m on fire.

But, early Monday morning a high school friend on mine posted a link on Facebook to a local news story about an attraction in our home town struggling in these economic times.

Now, normally this isn’t anything substantial, but the attraction in the article happens to be THE SETTING of my SNI. I just stared at the article, mouth wide open, buggy eyes, and all.

It feels a bit like fate, doesn’t it? Like the universe is telling me to write this new story.

Ever since seeing the photos of this attraction in the article I haven’t stopped thinking about this SNI. I’m not giving up on The First Drop, but I might be putting it on the back burner for a bit to give my heart to this new story.

I’m not ready to share anything specific about this story just yet, but I’ll leave you with these two pins I ran across on Pinterest that somewhat summarize the feel and setting!


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