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Revision Progress…

This week I sent my really rough draft of this story to three of my trusted friends/readers to get their opinions on a few major things. To say I’m nervous to hear their opinions is an understatement. But, I’ve been circling some of these major problems/issues for weeks and can’t make a decision so I need some outside input!

Waiting on their thoughts and the RT Convention events I went to last week (more in a blog post to come) have me jazzed about writing and my story.  After a brief flip back to winter weather in Missouri during the first few days in May, we are finally back into springtime weather!

So today while Sammie was napping and Brett was playing with Emmett, I took my laptop outside on the deck and enjoyed the weather. I write/edit/revise/whatever better when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the birds are chirping.


I managed to get through word-by-word edits for two chapters, including THE CHAPTER where all the secrets are revealed and things BLOW UP! (Not literally…it’s not that type of story). I HATED writing this chapter because I love happy chapters and this one is far from that.

However, reading through it again to edit I found myself liking what I’d written and the way it was moving the plot forward. Exciting!

Anywho – that’s the update on The First Drop for now…hopefully I’ll keep this momentum going!


1 thought on “Revision Progress…”

  1. Go Jennie go!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear about your revision progress! Please feel free to shoot me over some good juju for mine! ❤

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