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I’m Going Camping

Each time I swear of NaNo (the stress! the pressure!) someone ends up sucking me back in. This time Ginger from GReads convinced me to join CampNaNoWriMo…the more relaxed July version of November’s full NaNo.

July’s version isn’t 50,000 words, but rather lets the writer pick the targeted word count. I’m doing a much lower word count – either 20,000 or 25,000 words.

I went back and forth between this new MG idea that popped into my head recently, or the YA idea I posted about a while ago. Today, I finally settled on the YA idea. I have SO much more of the brain work and research done for this idea. Plus, I’ve been so excited about it. AND, it’s set during the summer so July seems like an appropriate time to start writing it.

Are you doing CampNaNo? If so, find me and add me as a friend – I’m Jen748 there.

I’ll be posting on Twitter and Facebook my updates daily, and probably posting here sporadically. If anyone feels like busting out their high school cheer uniform and spankies, I’ll always take spirit fingers to push me along. 🙂


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