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I Fail at Camping…

I was all jazzed to start Camp NaNoWriMo…and then well, I had a sort of stress meltdown. I’m running on lack of sleep thanks to the almost 6 month old boy, and the ever-crazy 4-year old girlie, and life as a SAHM is stressful and time consuming and emotionally exhausting. But wonderful. And crazy making.

Alas, I had to put the SNI on hold. For starters, I wrote the first two chapters and realized I need more of a plot road map. A big part of why THE FIRST DROP has been such a mess to revise is because I didn’t have a detailed enough plot. I had some awesome scenes, fun characters, and a great setting…but not enough conflict and drama. Revisions have involved cleaning things up and adding plot, drama, and depth. I’d rather not do this in revisions going forward, so I want to better plan out the path I’ll be writing.

I also can’t stop the revisions for TFD. I WANT THIS BOOK FINISHED so bad I can almost taste it. And it tastes like blood.

I’ve been doing a lot of little clean up and small clarifications. I’ve had some new beta readers give it a whirl to get some fresh perspective. That’s helped A LOT.

And I’ve been reading a lot. I think this is my favorite way of refreshing my brain and letting the plot struggles marinate.

So, I’m a CampNaNoWriMo failure, but overall it was the right move for me.

1 thought on “I Fail at Camping…”

  1. I’m a camp failure as well. I ended up spending the month revising instead of working for WIP. I completely agree that reading helps refresh the brain and writing juices!

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