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July Reading Wrap Up

Surprisingly, I had a pretty stellar July reading-wise. That might be because writing-wise, I wasn’t doing so hot. 🙂

I have recently had an addiction with my library’s hold button on the online library catalog. So, a lot of these were library books, and there’s nothing like an impending fine to get me reading. 🙂

My favorite book of this month is Golden.

And I’m proud to have gotten my 19th Presidential biography read. I’m hoping to stay on track the rest of this year, with one a month.

Title Author Pages Rating
Eleanor & Park Rainbow Rowell 325 5
Zero Tolerance Claudia Mills 231 4
Hereafter Tara Hudson 404 4
Arise Tara Hudson 404 4
How My Summer Went Up in Flames Jennifer Salvato Doktorski 302 4
Golden Jessi Kirby 277 5
The Boyfriend App Katie Sise 312 4
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist Rachel Cohn 183 3
Rutherfod B Hayes Hans L Trefousse 150 3

What all did you read in July?

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