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WriteOnCon 2013

WriteOnCon is next week! Are you excited? I am!

I heard about this conference last year, but wasn’t at a place to really tune in (being pregnant with a 3-year old sucks the life out of you) but this year, I’m determined to give it a go. I won’t be able to watch many of the live events on Tuesday, but I’ll be watching them ASAP, and glued to my computer on Wednesday.

I jumped onto the forums today, and already I’m jazzed about the critique boards. I posted by query, first 250, and first 5 chapters this morning. I didn’t really expect a lot of immediate comments, but I’ve already received some great suggestions.

AND, a few “I’d totally read this book!” comments. Guys. I died after reading those. In light of my recent doubt struggles that I hinted at last week, comments like these are giving me a boost in the right direction. Eep!

If you’re looking for me on WOC, here’s my profile.

PS. I must give a big THANKS to my amazing friend Jessica Love, because she’s the one who pushed me to sign up for WriteOnCon this year.

PPS. If you aren’t already in the know, that amazing friend I mentioned…well, her book is going to be published. So, maybe add it on Goodreads. Or pre-order it?


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