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What’s Up Wednesday…

What’s Up Wednesday is hosted by Jaime Morrow. Check out her blog for the scoop!

What I’m Reading: 

I’ve been reading it for a week. I accidently put a hold on the LARGE PRINT edition via my library’s website and didn’t realize it until I picked it up. It’s interesting, but the size makes it a little hard to read. Plus, some of the information I’ve read in other books, but there is enough new material I keep plugging away. I have a huge stack of other books from the library I’m dying to dive into, so I’m trying to push myself through this one.

What I’m Writing: 

Part of why I haven’t made too much progress on reading, is because I’ve been pouring over my revisions.


I finished my huge round of revisions on Monday. And I’ve printed out my MS for the first time so I can go word-by-word with a red pen to find anything I skimmed over on the computer. Sometimes it helps to hold it in my hands and slows me down enough to catch some errors or things to be reworded.


I had a total emotional moment once I got my MS into that three-ring binder. I wrote all those words. Almost a full 60,000 words (plus about 5K I deleted through revisions). ME. I did that. 🙂

What Else I’ve Been Up To:

We’ve been outside as much as possible. Over the weekend we took a trip to the local Zoo.


What Inspires Me Right Now:

The gorgeous weather we’ve had. The hint at fall. Plus, I busted out a pair of fleece comfy pants for the mornings. Best part of my year.


18 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday…”

  1. Interesting read. How come you decided to pick that one up? I wrote a 1st draft sequel to one of my MS’s that takes place during the revolutionary war. I couldn’t find a lot of great books on the subject (living in Canada and all) so I’m interested to hear if it’s a good read.

    1. I actually ran across it on the shelves at my local B&N and requested from the library, since I’m on a book buying ban.

      If you’re looking for Revolutionary war recommendations, here you go:

      1776 by David McCullough
      John Adams by David McCullough
      Washington by Ron Chernow
      The Last Founding Father by Harlow Giles Unger
      The Whites of Their Eyes by Paul Lockhart

      I’m big into the founding of the US so I read a lot about it. 🙂

  2. I love that print-it-out method of editing. I’ve tried it, and it worked… generally. My problem is that with any method, the words eventually begin to bleed together if I’m at it for too long lol.

    Also, so amazing to be able to hold your work in your hands, even if it’s just on print paper 🙂

  3. So I have an idea. Place the book on the other side of the room propped open while you read it, then you have to run across the room to turn the page. Exercise and reading all in one go! Kidding, of course. Larger print is as tough to read as crazy small print. (I’m reading one with tiny print right now.) Congrats on finishing a round of revisions! That’s huge. 🙂 I think everyone should print off their story at least once. It is simply amazing to see it all printed out like that. There’s just no way to get that same feeling looking at a document on the computer. Have a wonderful week, Jennie! 🙂

  4. Yay for finishing that round of revisions!!! I always print out (way too many) hard copies of my stories – in fact, I have one ready to go for soccer excursions this weekend – and I find SO MANY things that way. Have fun! I love editing!

    Also, love the pics of you and then your manuscript. GO YOU!!!!!

    Have a great week!

  5. Good luck with your editing! I have to print it out too when I edit. And it’s such a great feeling when I hole punch it and put it in a binder. I guess it makes it real for me. Like I actually wrote that. Have a great weekend!

  6. I feel so dumb but I never thought about putting my printed-out MS in a binder before…duh! No more chasing pages all over the house 🙂

    And fleecy comfy pants? They’re the absolute best. Yay autumn!

    1. I have a slight major obsession with office supplies. That means I have more than one empty binder around my house. I decided to use it to keep my husband from complaining when I came home with new pens. I had to show him I actually use these things eventually. 🙂

  7. The first time I printed out my completed manuscript, I totally cried. 🙂 Ha. So – congrats on making it to that amazing moment – you wrote all those words, and now they are in a binder, and that is a wonderful thing! Good luck with those revisions, and have a great week! 🙂

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