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I’m Doing It Again…

I mentioned in this post this summer about Camp NaNoWriMo that I am a sucker for NaNo. I always say I’m not going to do it, but then I get sucked into the fun and thrill of it anyway. I TOTALLY failed Camping this summer, but now that I have The First Drop done and it’s simmering while I figure out if it’s ready to query…I’m going to do NaNo next month.

My past NaNo experiences look like this:

2010 – WIN, total junk novel, but I learned a lot. And the story ended up being more for me anyway.

2011 – FAIL. This was the start of The First Drop, but I had a week long vacation in the middle of the month.

2012 – WIN. My attempt at a magical/paranormal-ish story that ended up not having much plot.

2013 Summer – FAIL.

I’m going to spend this month plotting and planning and outlining and character building and all that jazz, so that when November arrives…I just have to WRITE.

I decided to go for it this year for a variety of reasons:

*Now, I’m a SAHM with a husband who’s home for 2 out of 3 days a week. He can take the kids while I write. I may not write on the day he’s at the fire station, but that’s a-okay.

*Last year I really struggled with finishing, but this year I’m not pregnant with a belly so big typing was physically a challenge.

*I finished The First Drop, and if I start querying it come November, I’m going to NEED the distraction.

*I’m going to have things plotted out, and know that I’ve revised TFD, I know some of my writing weaknesses and I’ve learned things to do better, differently, and right.

*I will be better able to get to an in-person local WriMo write-in. I went to one the first year I did NaNo, and once I got thru the doors of the Borders (RIP, Borders) I had a lot of fun, and wrote a lot of words. I want to meet more local writers, so I’m excited to be able to plan to attend more of these this year.

I’ve been bouncing ideas around in my head, trying to narrow down which story to run with, but I think I’m for sure going with the romance plot I mentioned before. It’s different, and I think I like that newness. Plus, I’m really ready to write some of these scenes I’ve had in mind for awhile. Once I get a better handle on the plot and characters, I think I might share some of that here on the blog.

If you’re looking for the NaNoWriMo goal, but thinking a little bit more time…check out Anne Riley’s spin-off novel writing plan, HolNoWriMo.


1 thought on “I’m Doing It Again…”

  1. Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you! I’m not going to officially join NaNoWriMo, but I’m going to be working on a first draft as well in November. I’m excited to take advantage of the energy of everyone writing that month!

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