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What’s Up Wednesday…

What’s Up Wednesday is hosted by Jaime Morrow. Check out her blog for the scoop!
What I’m Reading – I recently finished Infinityglass by Myra McEntire and The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White. Infinityglass was such a good completion to the trilogy, but I wasn’t ready to give up those characters. Sob!

What I’m Writing – I added another almost 1600 to my NaNo WIP. I did get a shiny new YA idea last week that I’ve jotted down and started mulling over.

And, I’ve gotten some new thoughts and input on The First Drop, so I’m also doing some mulling on this story to see if I need to add a few things.

What Else is I’ve Been Up To – We’ve started decorating for the holidays! One of my favorite traditions – a decorating party with my brother and parents at my parent’s house. We have a fun time and then have a yummy dinner together!


And decorating our own home with treasured ornaments and items.

We hosted Thanksgiving last week for the first time, and despite a puking incident by Emmett, all was successful!
Brett hard at work on Thanksgiving smoking our turkey in his DIY drum smoker.

What Is Inspiring Me Right Now – my friends Kelsey and Daron are amazingly sweet people, but they’re also full of talent! Kelsey’s book Damsel Distressed is coming out next year with a companion album produced by her and Daron as Wedding Day Rain.

In the meantime, they’ve released their band’s first EP. I highly recommend you check it out on iTunes or even Spotify. I listened for hours last night.

Their talent and heart is inspiring me a lot right now!


7 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday…”

  1. Kelsey is awesome! I was lucky enough to beta Damsel Distressed back before she got agented and it’s such a great book. I can’t wait to see it in print. I’ll have to check out their music!

  2. Your decorations look great! I, personally, hate decorating for the holidays. It means I have to spend all that time putting it up … then take it down.

    Shinny new idea for YA sounds interesting 🙂

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