My 2014 Writing Goals

So…I haven’t blogged in a while and I blame that on a rough December. There was a week when the stomach virus attacked our home, family in from out of town, Brett working overtime, holidays, etc. So much off-routine stuff that basically made me crazy!

But! Now, it’s 2014! A new year!

2013 was a year of change and challenges. Adding a second baby to our family, basically no sleep, and adjusting to being a SAHM created a lot of change and adjustments. My word for 2014 (and the word for our entire household, actually) is ENJOY. Sammie will start kindergarten this August, so this is our last 8 months of having her home most of the week. Right now she’s only in Pre-K three days a week, so we have a lot of family time for the four of us. This time is a big reason I became a SAHM. We want to maximize our time this year, so we plan to be more active, out and about, seeing things, maybe taking a few weekend road trips in the nearby areas.

This means that writing is taking a notch down on the importance list this year. And, I’m totally okay with this. Family comes first, always, and writing isn’t a job (at least for now).

So, with that in mind here are my 2014 writing goals:

1. Revise existing story or finish current WIP. I’ve been toying with picking up a previous NaNo story and revising it after I read a book in the same genre that got my creative ideas flowing. Or, I’m going to focus on finishing my NaNo 2013 novel. I’m at 23K right now. I’d like to have whatever I decide to focus on done my late summer so I can have it out to a few CPs and comments back before the end of the year.

2. Join a writing group that meets in person. I love my local-but-still-online group of writerly friends, and my online only group of writerly friends from around the country, but I need something local and in-person. Something to help connect me with other local writers for writing dates and friendship. I’m going to a meeting for a new group tonight, so I’m excited and nervous. It’s at my favorite library, the newest branch of our system and it’s 15 minutes from home. There’s a branch about 5 minutes from home, but the new one has the best writing views. I use the closer branch for storytime and my neverending hold requests, though.

My writing view last week. I love this library.

And that’s it. That’s the end of my goals. They’re short and somewhat small, but I think they’ll give me the perfect combination of creative outlet and enjoyment, without being stressful and too consuming. I think they’re the best set up to 2014 I can create! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My 2014 Writing Goals”

  1. Your goals are great! I think recognizing the season of family life is so important! This past year is the first year in 9 that I have all kids in school/preschool and it is a new phase for me. But I don’t regret being a SAHM at all! I hope the writing group is awesome!! I reached out a few years ago through a meetup.com writing group that met locally and it CHANGED MY WRITING LIFE! Good luck!

  2. Sounds like you have some great writing goals! I hope your in-person group goes well. I’m part of one as well, though it’s in flux now because two members quite.

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