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When Writing Words Fuel My Fire

This was me Wednesday, just before I started writing.


I was at home in my bedroom (Sammie at Pre-K, Brett and the baby in the living room), under my electric blanket, homemade mocha frap next to me, Spotify at the ready, and all set to write ALL THE WORDS. And guess what? I did write all the words. 2,389 of them actually.

It felt so good to get such a high word count, to see my story growing into its own thing, seeing my characters struggle and grow. And now, I’m even more jazzed for my next chunk of writing time. Between now and then if I find myself full of doubt and second-guessing my worth as a writer, I will think of how ecstatic I was with my big word count and let out the negative thoughts.

It’s fun to fall in love with writing again!

Oh, and just a gentle reminder to back up your novels in multiple places. I accidentally deleted my folder for The First Drop…which basically would have meant I lost the entire novel and my query letter, synopsis, etc. Luckily, I had them in my email as I email myself copies for this exactly purpose. I’m adding a second back up to my process though. Can’t be too careful with my precious words!


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