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YA Buccaneers Spring Boot Camp!

I’ve been a bit MIA around the blog lately, and I have a somewhat good reason. I FINALLY hit a stroke of genius with the changes needed to up the stakes on The First Drop. Once it popped into my head and I ran it past a few CPs/writing buddies, I was off to the races. I’ve been outlining, researching, and plotting to get ready to start this revision/rewrite.

And, I did start it in the last few days of February, and I’m loving it! So, when I came across the YA Buccaneers Spring Boot Camp post, I immediately decided to join in. This will be just what I need to help keep myself moving forward on this rewrite.

* Make it through at least the first 15 chapters of the rewrite
* Attend one in-person writing meet-up with a local writing buddy
* Escape to the library to write at least twice

* Finish the last half of the rewrite
* Write outside at least once (hopefully spring will have finally showed up by then!)
* Escape to the library to write at least twice

* Print the revised draft out and read through it
* Make a list of revisions
* Make it through at least half of the revisions on that list
* Begin narrowing down the ideas for my next MS

My end-goal is to have this rewrite done and revised and pretty enough to have CPs read by the end of June!

All Three Months:
* Continue focusing on reading books that I own, not seeking out new library books to check out
* Read at least 6 Contemporary YA novels
* Get outside as much as possible

I’ve signed up to join one of the accountability teams, which is one aspect of this boot camp I’m most excited about. Meeting new writers, and also having built in poke-me-when-I’m-slacking-buddies! YAY!

Thinking about joining the boot camp? Check out the details here!


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