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YAB: Week One Check In

My goals for March from my intro post earlier this week:

* Make it through at least the first 15 chapters of the rewrite
* Attend one in-person writing meet-up with a local writing buddy
* Escape to the library to write at least twice

March 7th Status:

* I’m just finished Chapter 7! The next chapter is 100% complete new material though, so this is where it gets time consuming. No more copy & pasting and then revising. This will be all drafting!
* I met up with Kim yesterday, and got a few words on paper. But, we spent most of the time talking about a writing conference she attended last week and just about writing in general. Even though we didn’t sit down and rack up a word count, it was such a boost for my outlook and attitude!
* I haven’t managed to do this at all this week. It’s all been naptime and after the kiddos are in bed for the night writing this week. And that’s okay. Next week is crammed full of appointments, but I’m hoping to sneak in some library writing time.

I’ve been keeping tracking of my status using myWriteClub.


I’m really hoping to continue this momentum the rest of this boot camp!


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