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YAB Spring Boot Camp Update 2

Last week was a busy week in my Mom Life, but I squeezed in writing time during naptimes and a few evenings after the kids were in bed.

March Goals:
* Make it through at least the first 15 chapters of the rewrite
* Attend one in-person writing meet-up with a local writing buddy
* Escape to the library to write at least twice

March 17th Update:
* I just finished chapter 18 tonight. (I actually waited to write this update until that chapter was done, LOL) And I crossed over 30K this weekend. BAM. DOUBLE BAM.
* I met up with Kim last week.
* I haven’t made any progress with getting to the library at all.

Goals for this week:
* Get through rewriting the next 4 chapters, which will put me done with the first 22. At least two of those four chapters are completely new.
* Get myself to the library to write at least once.
* Read one book I own and read one library book.
* Work on the BINGO scorecard!

I’m thinking about joining in on the Walk The Plank challenge…but I need to decide on what I should share. Also, must get the guts to post words for people to read! 🙂

Go Team Mountaineers!



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