The First Drop, YAC Spring Writing Boot Camp

YAB Spring Bootcamp Check-In 3

How is it another Monday already? Time is zooming by lately!

Goals for this week:
* Get through rewriting the next 4 chapters, which will put me done with the first 22. At least two of those four chapters are completely new.
* Get myself to the library to write at least once.
* Read one book I own and read one library book.
* Work on the BINGO scorecard!

How I did:
* I got through 29 chapters! BAM!
* I did hit the library last week for three glorious hours of writing time. Although, it was spring break here so it wasn’t as quiet and relaxing as it normally is.
* FAIL – I still haven’t even printed off the BINGO scorecard.

Next Week:
* Finish the biography I’m reading for the Presidential Challenge
* Survive this week (see below)
* Print out BINGO and get busy!

This week is a bit crazy. Today and tomorrow we have a guy completely tearing down our fireplace and rebuilding it into a much smaller pretty fireplace. We’re also taking a trip to Lowe’s to set up an appointment for window installation and new carpet since the smaller hearth means we have two spots without carpet on either side.

Also, this week is my kiddo’s kindergarten round up and my husband is working some overtime, too. Basically, all my normal writing time is going to be sucked up in construction and Mom Life duties. BUT. I WILL FINISH THIS REWRITE.



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