Goals, The First Drop, Writing


*I tried to come up with a more creative title to this post, but I must have left all my creativity on the pages on my MS.

So…this happened last Wednesday evening after the kiddos were in bed:


Yup, I finished this rewrite/revision/whatever it’s called! BAM! BAM! BAM! I love writing endings because they’re so full of happy and the promise of tomorrow and hope and awwwww! At least, I write endings this way…you know, because my stories have (mostly) happy endings.

I took a day or two off from writing to read a bunch, but now I’m back working on polishing it up for CPs to read by the middle of April. I’d originally had a plan to finish this by the end of April, but internally I pushed that goal to mid-April. And then as the story blossomed, I decided I was going to power through to finish it before March ended. And I did, with a few days to spare.

Now I look at every word to decide if it’s the right word. And take out what’s excessive..like the bazillion times I used FEEL, SUDDENLY, FINALLY, and JUST. I’m a chronic overuser of those. 🙂

And you know what? I can’t wait to dive back into this MS with my fine tooth comb. I love this story, and I love these characters!


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