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What’s Up Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday again! Wednesdays are possibly my favorite day of the week. Why? Well, every Wednesday my family meets for Taco Wednesday at a local Mexican resturaunt. We have cheap tacos, yummy chips and salsa, and family fun. My Grandparents, my brother, my parents, and the four of us have been doing this for years. We started when I was pregnant with my kiddo, so somewhere near 5-6 years ago! The staff knows us, and we have made friends with them. It’s a fabulous tradition that I just love so much!

I just ate lunch but I’m already looking forward to dinner. 🙂

What I’m Reading – I’ve been on a reading roll this year.

I finished the biography on President Cleveland last week, and then went onto less heavy books. I read This Song Will Save Your Life (AMAZING), then a novella Alone With You by Shannon Stacey (LOVE the Kowlaski series!), then Bride Island by Alexandra Enders (More bleak than I’d been hoping for), and started and finished Take Me Hone For Christmas by Brenda Novak last night (LOVE the Whiskey Creek series!).

I haven’t decided what I’m going to pick up next…I have a ton of library books checked out so I probably need to start there.

What I’m Writing – I FINISHED THE REWRITE/REVISION/WHATEVER! I blogged about it here, so I won’t rehash it all, but I DID IT! 🙂 I’m now rereading every single line, tightening and polishing. I’m through Chapter 10, and plan to have it done by next week. Though, I’ve come down with a cold or seasonal allergies or something that is making my eyes water, my nose drip, and my head pound. Today is a bit better than yesterday, but not much. Parents shouldn’t be able to be sick!

What Else Is Going On: I hit up a used book sale at a library system in a town nearby. Scored some YA books that aren’t even library cast offs! I already own a few, but I had to buy them. I couldn’t leave them behind. 🙂

photo 1

We’ve had some spring weather, so we’ve been outside as much as possible. We’re expanding our backyard garden this year, so Monday we built (and by WE I mean my husband) the new bed. (I did help dig out the grass and dirt to get it level on the ground.) It’s rainy and dreary today, but we need it desperately so that’s okay.


photo 3

photo 2

What’s Inspiring Me: This post over at the YA Buccaneers came at the perfect time for me. I’ve used a lot of the suggestions in polishing my MS for CPs.

The nearness of planting things in the garden has given me such a boost. Oh, and my tulips are sprouting. No pretty flowers just yet, but the leaves are there so it shouldn’t be too much longer! 🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday!”

  1. Taco Wednesday sounds like SUCH a fun tradition! I love Mexican food, and I love the idea of getting together for a family dinner once a week.

    YAY again for finishing your rewrite! Good luck polishing it up this week!

  2. I’m having Taco Wednesday envy over here. Seriously. What a great tradition! And Mexican food is just so darn yummy. Congrats on finishing your rewrite, Jennie! I’m in the thick of my own rewrite, so this is definitely inspiring. Also, can you send that spring weather thisaway? Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  3. Book sale, gardening Taco Wednesday?? All of this sounds awesome, and I think I need a little bit from each, please!
    Congrats on the revision! I think I remember what “finishing” something is like… 😉

  4. Congratulations on finishing your revision, Jennie! What an amazing feeling! Your garden is looking lovely… Can’t wait to see how the veggies it produces! Have a great week, lady. 🙂

  5. The First Drop! I am so excited to read that book again. Cannot wait to see what’s changed for Olive!
    Just looking at your books makes me really, really want to go buy books. Must. Resist.

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