YAC Spring Writing Boot Camp

YAB Spring Boot Camp Update

Last week I sort of forgot to blog for the YA Buccaneers bootcamp, but I have a good reason! I got caught in being DONE with my rewrite and sending it out to a few CPs. And once I stopped feeling like I was going to puke, I set writing aside for a few days to read and live normal life and then my older kiddo got sick and now it’s today. Sigh.

Anyway! Since it’s been so long I forgot to set goals for last week…so I’m making new ones. I’m waiting on CP feedback before doing anything more with The First Drop, so these are all related to the idea that is going to be my new WIP. I want to have this idea fleshed out and ready to start drafting by the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. (Confession, I really want it read to start by June, but I also really want to participate in Camp NaNo)

Second Week of April Goals:

  • Research new idea
    • Determine the specific location where the story will take place and start gathering inspiration
    • Complete character sheets for MC and Love Interest
    • Loosely work on the plot
  • Share this new idea with at least one CP to get some outside thoughts
  • Start planning kiddo’s 5th birthday party, which will be later this month. (Also, get her to decide on a theme!)

Go Team Mountaineers!


4 thoughts on “YAB Spring Boot Camp Update”

  1. I love those few days between finishing a project and starting something new. Smart idea to take some time for yourself. I also like the idea of getting feedback while you’re developing a story. So often we work in isolation and brainstorming with other people is so helpful.

  2. Congrats again on finishing your re-write!! Have fun planning your new idea. If you wanted to start writing before the July Camp NaNo officially starts, you should! The nice thing about Camp NaNo (versus the regular one) is that you can create your own word count goal. So you can make your goal whatever word count you need to finish your MS. That’s what I’m doing with Camp NaNo this month. Either way, happy writing!

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