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What’s Up Wednesday!

What I’m Reading: Since last week I’ve finished three books, all of them were wonderful! The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry was an emotional, but still swoony, read. After that I grabbed my copy of Sarah Dessen’s Along For The Ride for a reread. It was just as sweet, if not more so, than the first time I read it. I picked up a NF library book next, All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood by Jennifer Senior. It was the perfect thing at this point in my parenting experiences. For once, I finished a parenting book feeling uplifted.

What I’m Writing: Over the weekend I received notes from a CP on the rewritten The First Drop, so I’ve been tweaking the MS with those this week.

I’ve also been working on my next idea. A few days ago I had decided on a specific story idea, but the research it’s going to take is a little overwhelming. I have another idea that I’m developing as well, trying to decide which it’ll be. I know I’ll love the research on the one idea once I get into it, but it’s so daunting!

What Else Is Going On: SPRING! It’s been nice outside, so we’ve been out and about a lot. This is my favorite season, so I’m soaking it up. My tulips are getting ready to open, which just makes me giddy!

I set up a public Instagram this week. I’ll be posting writing pics, but also our backyard garden and shots of the gorgeous Missouri scenery. Follow me: Jennie_Booth

What’s Inspiring Me Now: This post on turning your idea into a novel from Pub(lishing) Crawl. It’s the perfect timing for me! Thanks to Katy for bringing it to my attention.

Also, amazing CPs who point out when you’re abusing exclamation marks, but also fall in love with your story. When you know they love your characters. When their connection to the story brings an idea you never would’ve thought of. Friends/CPs/whatever you call them…they make this whole writing thing happy!


4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday!”

  1. The Pub Crawl post is great for those of us who are revising and looking for ways to make sure our story is hitting all the notes it should. Thanks for sharing it! I have a ton of Pub Crawl posts to get caught up on reading.

    I know what you mean about research (and lots of it) being daunting. I’m revising a sci-fi that involves all kinds of technology and space-related things that I need to research. It can all be a little overwhelming sometimes. It can also be super interesting as well. Best of luck choosing between your story ideas!

  2. CPs are the best! And you have tulips! I’m so jealous. It’ll be a little while longer for those up here in Minnesota. Boo. I really love when those start showing up. Good luck with your research on your new idea. Just take it one bite at a time. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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