The First Drop, Writing, YAC Spring Writing Boot Camp

YAB Spring Boot Camp Update 6

Goals I set last week:

  • Research new idea
    • Determine the specific location where the story will take place and start gathering inspiration
    • Complete character sheets for MC and Love Interest
    • Loosely work on the plot
  • Share this new idea with at least one CP to get some outside thoughts
  • Start planning kiddo’s 5th birthday party, which will be later this month. (Also, get her to decide on a theme!)

How did I do? Well, I reached out to a few CPs and they gave me some great plot and research suggestions. I still haven’t decided on the specific location yet, but I’ve narrowed it down to only a few options. I haven’t started character sheets yet, but I did start working loosely on the plot.

As for the Kiddo’s birthday party planning, she decided on a theme (My Little Pony) and I got the ball rolling on that.

My goals for this week:

  • Research new idea
    • Decide on the specific location
    • Get a list of questions together about the conditions of the location
    • Start character sheets
  • Send The First Drop MS out to two new beta readers or CPs.
  • Write a synopsis for TFD and send to CP to read

Go Team Mountaineers!



3 thoughts on “YAB Spring Boot Camp Update 6”

  1. I also love new projects. I’m constantly thinking of them but very few pan out. It’s tough to know what can sustain a whole book. I hope you make all your goals this week.

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