The First Drop

THE FIRST DROP: Writer’s Voice Entry

I’m extremely excited that I was selected to advance to the next round on the Writer’s Voice contest!

Here’s my submission packet for THE FIRST DROP.

Seventeen-year-old Olive Royal’s high school sweetheart dumped her on graduation night. Her parents announced the end of her only child status with news of twins. Her school-sponsored trip to Spain’s nixed when a teacher embezzles the money. Her life’s in shambles.

At least she still has her best friend, Vi, working by her side under the steamy sun at Lakeside Adventures, the local amusement park. Until Vi joins her new boyfriend in his gypsy road trip, selling artwork at festivals around the Midwest. Vi may be ready to fly, but Olive isn’t. When she meets risk-taking Milo, Olive decides to let go of the image she’d developed for the summer and spread her wings.

Milo talks in corny come-on lines, but he lays on the swoons, too. His idea of a date isn’t dinner and a movie, but rather traipsing through abandoned homes, cliff diving at the lake, and spelunking in the southern Missouri caves.

As Milo introduces her to experiences Olive never dreamed of, she realizes he’s running straight toward danger. Olive draws the line when he suggests skydiving out of a tiny plane, packing his own parachute after watching a video online. She knows refusing to join Milo could be the end of their relationship, but if no one stands up to him he may never stop until his body looks as injured as his heart.

THE FIRST DROP is complete at 59,500 words. It will appeal to fans of Jessi Kirby and Sarah Ockler, as a coming-of-age story warm with summer and first love. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jennie Booth

The first 250:

“You’re pregnant? With twins?”

“Goodness, Olive. There’s no need to shout.”

The strain in Mom’s voice barely registered over the roaring in my head. Dad’s practically bouncing in his chair he’s so excited, while Mom alternates between wiping tears from her cheeks and rubbing her stomach.

I’m going to be sick. I’m sixty-seven days from leaving for college and my parents drop the big sister bomb on me.

“I can’t believe you guys are telling me this now!” I need to get away from their sappy faces. I need room to breath. To process this.

“I realize this may seem like it’s out of the blue to you, but it’s something we’ve wanted for many years.” Mom squeezes Dad’s hand as they share a blissful look that makes my stomach surge.

“You think? I’m leaving for college soon. Aren’t most parents excited about having the house to themselves again? Nobody starts the whole parenting thing all over again!”

I can’t keep my voice in check, which earns a disapproving look from Dad. Did they seriously think I’d be okay with this? They’ve turned our house, our lives, completely upside down.

Dad says, “This is a good thing. A very good thing. This baby. I mean, these babies will bring our family a new kind of happiness.”

“I liked the old kind of happiness.” Tears are building, but I squeeze my eyes closed to keep them in. “So, I go off to college and you start over. Swell.”



12 thoughts on “THE FIRST DROP: Writer’s Voice Entry”

  1. Oh wow! I LOVE the excerpt! Awesome entry, Jennie! So glad you made it into the WV! Good luck!

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