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What’s Up Wednesday

Check out Jaime Morrow and Erin’s blogs for more details, but basically What’s Up Wednesday is a fun weekly post to share writerly goings on. Check it out and join in!

What I’m Reading: I finished Natalie Whipple’s House of Ivy and Sorrow last night and was blown away. It was a fast-paced story of awesome witches and twisted people, and kissing. πŸ™‚ Now I’m reading The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith.

What I’m Writing: Sigh. I’ve been kind of in a twisted tangle of writing related emotions. Jumping from idea to idea, including crazy genres I’ve never written before. Life has been super busy/crazy right now, and will be until the end of next week (more on this below) so I’m (trying) not stressing about the chaos right now. I’m planning a few hours maybe next Friday to sneak away to the library, where I can hopefully hyper-focus on writing for a bit.

What Else is Going on: OH BOY. Everything. We leave for an 8-hour one way road trip this weekend. We’re heading east to meet up with a few friends (and kids) so I know it’s going to be a great trip, we just have to survive the road time first. πŸ™‚ After that, we come back and the next day our living room renovation is back in full swing with contractors cutting holes in the side of our house and adding windows!

We’ve also been hard at work in the garden. We’ve planted pretty much everything and already have a ton of sprouts. It’s so fabulous and fun. We left a small patch of dirt empty on one end of a raised bed so the kids have a place to dig in the dirt. They both love the garden so much. Sammie is obsessed with checking on all the plants, but especially her sunflowers we planted along the back fence. We also set up a DIY rain barrel. (I say we, when really it was almost all my husband’s doing, but whatev!) It didn’t rain for days after we set it up, but then earlier this week we had a few heavy storms and the thing is now completely full!

10178003_10202281468140476_6455070501625145316_n 10268487_10202249175933191_5899783360259302278_n

What’s Inspiring Me Now: Music. Specifically, country music. I don’t get much driving time when I can turn the tunes up real loud and sing with the windows down. (My oldest now comments on my singing abilities, and my youngest…well I don’t want to damage his hearing skills just yet) But when I do get the rare chance, I get so energized. About life. About writing. About damn near anything and everything. It’s like I’m a well and country music up loud is the water that fills me up.

Yes, I realize that is a super-sappy description, but alas, there it is. I could blame my parents, but they raised me on classic rock. So I guess I’ll just place the blame on growing up in rural Missouri. πŸ™‚

Does music pump anyone else up? Or am I the oddball? Either way, I hope everyone has a great week!


6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. Music totally pumps me up, so you’re not the only oddball. πŸ˜‰ My dad has always been a country fan, but I’m the only one of us three kids that actually likes some country. I really should listen to more.

    I’ve been loving your garden photos on Instagram. We have a yard with some plants already growing and spots to plant more, so I’m eager to get going on that. You know, when the nights stop dipping below freezing once and for all. Have a great time on your roadtrip! πŸ™‚

    1. It’s supposed to frost here on Friday. WHAT? Seriously, this weather is crazy pants and if it kills my garden I will have something not nice to say to Mother Nature!

      And, if you decide to start listening to more country, I can send you some Spotify playlists! πŸ™‚

  2. When I was getting my Commercial Art degree, I had a 45-minute drive to and from class through some lovely rural southwestern Wisconsin countryside. I always got my best project ideas on the commute, with the radio tuned to alternative rockβ€”sorry, no country for meβ€”and cranked up. (Although I still worship at the altar of Johnny Cash.)

  3. Music totally pumps me up too. I love to drive just so I can blast music, especially in the summertime. Although for me it’s not country usually. πŸ™‚ And I always get ideas and scenes in my head when I take road trips. It’s remembering them when I get there that’s the problem!

  4. I’m a big fan of country music, which may seem odd since I’m a city boy from southern Ontario! I guess there’s something to the melodies and stories that really speak to me anyway.

    Nice to see you again, great luck surviving your crazy life. πŸ˜‰

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