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I’m Still Here…

Hi! Remember me? Sorry it’s been SO long since I blogged…things have been busy and I’ve been emotionally out of sorts, which all leads to ignoring this blog. I’ve spent the last few months revising and revising and revising TO BE WILD & FREE, and I think it’s where I want it to be.

But the thing about revising for me is…it’s HARD. Like, REALLY hard for me.

Drafting is so concrete, so approachable. Write 2,000 words today: BAM. I am a person who likes goals, I like reaching goals and I like marching on to the next. Revisions are fuzzier, less specific. Revising one chapter can take three times as long as another, and if you change one thing in that chapter it can have a domino affect on the rest of the chapters. Thus, increasing your challenge.

I struggle emotionally with the open-ended aspects of publishing anyway…the not know if all this time and energy and hard-work will really pay off. And revisions draw me deeper into that cave of darkness.

Add into that cave, dealing with an exhausted Kindergartener who is well-behaved at school (YAY) but a mess at home (BOO). And a toddler who still likes to get up too early and is nearing age 2. And general life and all that. I kind of dropped off the blog, in part, because I needed to focus on revisions and on me. I’ve been reading a ton, which always helps recenter myself in any struggles.

And, I’ve started plotting my NaNo novel, though with our November including a (kid-free!) weekend out of town for our 10th wedding anniversary, I’m not expecting to actually hit 50k. This idea is completely different than what I’ve written in the past. A different genre, a different tone. Trying to do something so different is terrifying and exciting. What if I love it? What if I hate it?

All this to say, I’m going to try to blog a bit more often, but I make no guarantees. I am going to post an update on my 30 before 35 list, because I’ve knocked off a few things this summer! I am still tweeting and instagramming, so follow me there for more frequent updates. 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…”

  1. Have to admit I share your loathing of revision. But you’ve done a lot of work and accomplished something most people never do — finish a book. It’s important to celebrate that!

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