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A NaNoWriMo Update

Well, I made it to 7k before my NaNo experiment failed. No, it wasn’t a failure, really. In fact, I learned a lot in those 7k.

Like, I am a plotter, not a pantser. At least not a total pantser. But I went into this MS with little more than an idea and my main character’s first name. A few days in a big picture plot suddenly formed, which was great but I still need more than that.

Like, I write MUCH slower without an outline. MUCH SLOWER. Creating everything as I’m writing it makes me slower. An outline, even a bare bones outline gives me a chapter starting place and ending. This making it up as I push the keys is just not for me.

Like, life is more than just my writing. My mom ended up in the hospital for two days, and after deep fears it was her heart it turns out she has to have her gallbladder removed. Which means surgery later this month. We’d planned to have a mini-vacation, just my hubby and I for our 10th anniversary (Which, is actually TODAY!) but dumping our kids off on them when she’s just spent days in the hospital and will now be off work unexpectedly to recover from surgery, just isn’t happening. AND that is OKAY. Life is bigger than writing and goals and dreams and plans. Life is family and love and being healthy for the future.

Like, fear is a thing that will try to hamper your best efforts. I was attempting to write in a new genre and in third person and past tense and pantsing. So, everything was scary for me. But each time I pushed past the worries and what ifs, I learned something about the story and about me. It’s good to try new things.

Like, I actually want to finish this strange story, but I think I’m going to get an outline together first before I go any further.

So, while I technically have given up on this idea for the month of November, I’m not giving up on it completely. And I’m completely okay with that.


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