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My 2015 Writing Goals

HOW is it already almost 2015? I feel like this year was a blur…mostly a good blur but a rush nonetheless! My oldest is halfway through Kindergarten, which is practically unbelievable. And my youngest will be turning TWO in less than 30 days. I just can’t even with time, you guys. Can’t even.

My writing goals for 2014 were pretty simple, keeping with our family word for the year of ENJOY and with the fact that we were busy spending the first chunk of the year doing fun stuff before my oldest started K.

2014 Goals:

1. Revise existing story or finish current WIP. I’d like to have whatever I decide to focus on done my late summer so I can have it out to a few CPs and comments back before the end of the year.

NOT REALLY COMPLETED, BUT SORTA   – While I didn’t revise that old story or finish the WIP (though I got it up to almost 30K) I did write (and revise and polish) a separate story AND revised a manuscript I thought was dead (not the one I mentioned in my goals). So, while I didn’t do the specific things I wrote out, I did create and write.

2. Join a writing group that meets in person.

COMPLETED – I joined (as I can with my husband’s schedule) a local writing group that meets monthly at a nearby library. It’s an interesting group, and I enjoy the meetings. But, the best thing I got out of the meetings (actually, even from the very first meeting!) is Niki. It’s so nice to have developed not only a relationship with an in-person CP, but to have developed a friendship as well. We meet up for writing check-ins, for writing sessions, to hash out a cranky plot, to drink margaritas, to complain about our kids, and to talk books. It’s truly awesome!

2015 goals:

This year, I haven’t narrowed down a specific word for our family yet, but it’s going to be some sort of mixture of acceptance and adventurous. Acceptance mainly for me on a personal level, about my husband’s weird and somewhat erratic schedule, about the dynamics of my children, about the ways I can and can not expect them to behave/act, and about how I respond to things. It’s not acceptance in a bad way, but in a healing way, if that makes sense. And, adventurous in a try new things, take risks (in writing, in my free time, etc), and be willing to do things differently than (especially me!) I perceive others doing them.

So, with that in mind, my goals:

1. Write a first draft (at least) in a different genre that Contemporary. – In an effort to be more adventurous, I want to branch out. I’ve written a lot of contemporary and one paranormal that had so little plot it can hardly be considered paranormal. I love action-y and adventur-y  stories and I want to write one!

2. Get an agent. – I know, this one is pretty far out of my control, but I’m putting it out there anyway.

3. Attend either a writing conference or a writing retreat of some sort. I think being around like-minded people will rejuvenate my creative juju and if I do a retreat, hopefully put up some big word count numbers!

That’s all I’m putting up as a goal. Ideally, I’d like to finish and polish more than one WIP, but I’m still going to have a toddler at home with me and the oldest home during summer break. And, we’re planning on at least one, if not two or more vacations this year. 🙂


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