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My Word for 2015

Last year my word was ENJOY. It was a reminder to soak up the last months before my oldest started school and focus on being instead of going. This year, my word is somewhat similar in my intentions, but with a slightly more active intent.

IMG_0374NURTURE. (And yes, I do create a painting featuring our word to hang in our hallway using my rather amazing skills with a paintbrush.)

I want to focus on nurture my relationships, my marriage, myself. Helping my children to grow and develop, to expand their minds and their hearts. But also, to nurture them in the best way for each of them. To nurture my inner-self doubt instead of giving into it. To push aside thoughts of to-do lists so the husband and I can have an at home date night after the kids go to bed. To nurture my love of experiencing new places by traveling a bit more. Planting the seeds in our garden and helping them grow into the food that will grow my little family.

I want more love and happiness, even if that means our movement isn’t directly straight ahead. Curvy roads can be the best drives, and that applies to life too. Nurturing the people we are now with an eye on the future, but not the focus on the future. To embrace (this was in the running for my word of the year, actually) the here and now instead of longing for the in the coming years. (Both with writing and in life)

So, that’s my word to focus on this year! What’s yours?


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