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30 Before 35 Update…and Other Stuff

The husband and I had a short getaway last weekend to celebrate our (belated) 10th anniversary. It was perfection. Beautiful place, wonderful memories, spring like weather, and we rewatched the first four HP movies.

The view was spectacular:


Before we left town, we headed south to the Truman Library and Museum. I had been once before but only for a speech and not to actually visit the museum. We spent a few hours getting our nerd on, including this selfie I took with President Truman himself.


This completes one of the items on my 30 before 35 list! Woot!

I’ve been drafting on A Silence So Loud before we left and since we got back and my word count is over 21K now, which is exciting and terrifying. I’m enjoying this story and the characters, but I’m a little nervous to be entering into the middle, which is always where I struggle. However, I did just write a first kiss, which is my favorite so I suppose it all balances out.

My original goal was to finish by March 31st, but I’d really like to finish by my 32nd birthday, March 14th. Wouldn’t that be an awesome present to myself?! We’ll see if it’s doable as I keep trucking along.

I’m going to try and blog a little more often, but I make no promises!


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