Can you be both refreshed and a little lost? Because I am. 

I had an absolutely amazing getaway with some of my BFFs last weekend. A cottage in beautiful Nashville full of laughter, board games, books, and a hike through the woods. 

I left feeling full of hope and love, but also questioning my future writing path. A few disappointing things happened on that front in February leaving me floundering. Maybe my current planned path and genre isn’t where I fit best…I don’t know. I love it, but I also feel a bit too far removed from what it requires as an author, if I can ever get that far.

However, I’m still plugging away on my WIP, A Silence So Loud, because finishing this draft is what I need to do.  

I’m still hoping to finish by the end of March, though my oldest has spring break for a week so we’ll see if that goal is really attainable.

I guess writing is a bit like life, the future isn’t easy navigating but you just have to keep moving. 


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