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Libraries Are Important!

I’m extremely frustrated with my state’s governor, currently for the current financial situation of our state with how it relates to libraries especially. This Book Riot article here explains it much better than I, (and even links to other specific library posts and such) but I still feel the need to take to my own blog to speak out against cutting library funding.

I also signed both of these petitions, and iPetitions.

My Library Love List (AKA why libraries are important to me):

*They have provided a place to escape our cabin fever during this never-ending winter. My toddler likes to run up and down the children’s book aisles and my oldest loves to get lost in selecting her next bag full of books to take home. I am not even joking when I say that many library trips over this winter have saved the day from the brink of disaster.

*Storytimes. Partially related to the point above, but partially on its own merits. My toddler LOVES storytime and since he’s not in preschool it’s a social event for him too. And they have mini-maracas and bubbles at every story time and he goes INSANE with happiness.

*My oldest likes to ask questions (8 hundred million every single day) and just in the last year she’s asked about how babies are made, requested details about multiple presidents, asked questions about planets and constellations, and quizzed me over the types of buildings people live in. You know who has helped us come up with answers and explanations and images for all of those: The Library.

*Sometimes I can’t write at home. As a stay-at-home Mom I have a hard time shrugging off the Mom Duties when I’m home even when my husband has banished me and my MacBook to the bedroom for some quality time. Every other word written I’m texting him about why a child is crying, or that the laundry needs to be taken out of the dryer, or whatever. Getting out of the house to write is so freeing for me, not only as a writer but as a person too. Almost every time I write outside of my house, it’s at the library. (I’m cheap, living on a firefighter’s salary you know, and I feel really bad when I don’t buy anything at Starbucks or Panera.)

*My local writing group began (and still meets) at one of my favorite libraries. I met one of my CPs at that first meeting and she has become my IRL friend. As a writer, not only for the place to write but as a place to grow my skills and craft, the library is key.

*I have an unquenchable thirst for words. I read a lot. I need to read like I need to breathe. And the library supplies me with all those pages and pages and pages of words, of all those worlds and lives I get to temporarily live. With 1000% honesty, I can say that my life wouldn’t be as full without the access to books I have through my library card.

*And, on a non-personal note, I have seen senior citizens getting their taxes filed at my local branch, I’ve seen kids of all ages being tutored, I’ve seen adults learn new skills and meet new friends. And I’ve seen a librarian (let’s be real here, TONS of librarians) truly touch a child’s life, opening doors and worlds and futures.

(I am currently teary-eyed. That’s how much I love the entire premise of libraries.)

So please, please, please, support your libraries. And, Governor Nixon, please, please, please support Missouri libraries.


2 thoughts on “Libraries Are Important!”

  1. I got teary myself. And then I signed the petitions. My sister and I had a lot of books growing up, but the first book I fell I love with was a library book. How would I have found it if it hadn’t been for the library? Libraries have given me things I never even knew I needed.

    And, at least in KC, a certain amount of property taxes are earmarked for the library. It says so right there on your tax bill. That Governor Nixon would withhold monies designated for libraries is despicable and ignorant (and guess what–libraries help cure ignorance. Governor Nixon should spend more time at his local library. )

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