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This blog has been severely lacking in new posts lately, so I’m joining Katy Upperman in her weekly Currently post. (Though, mine might not be every week, lol)


The sunshine. It’s been storming off and on the past few weeks, but it’s also been SUNNY and I love it!


I picked up my Nixon biography for this month’s book on the Presidential Challenge. I’m on target to finish the challenge this year! Also, made a special trip to B&N to let my youngest play with the train table and pick up Sarah Dessen’s newest on release day!



I haven’t been watching much lately…a little Gilmore Girls in the background while I’m writing and that’s about it. We’re starting Season 3 of Friday Night Lights and (at risk of being shunned) it just hasn’t been as good as the previous years. My husband and I are having problems staying engaged this season.

Listening To

Anything country, as usual. I especially love the summer songs as it starts to warm up outside. A lot of Thomas Rhett and Chase Rice.

Thinking About

Writing and where I’m heading. I’ve been plotting on the  fantasy novel, but world building is exhausting and overwhelming. It’s so slow (for me!) that it’s begun a motivational struggle for me, so I’m still working on it, but I’m also tackling a revision to A Silence So Loud that I finished drafting in March. See, I figured out the problem…I wrote it from the wrong POV. Which means major rewriting, yay and boo! My creative mojo was in high gear last night during our monthly writing group at the library! unnamed1


We put in our garden last week, which means I’ve already started anticipating the yummy fruit and veggies that will grow despite the months it will take.


I’m itching to redecorate, but I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the money and time when we have some many primary colored plastic toys around. I may do a few small changes for now, if I can settle on something.

Making Me Happy

Planning summer family vacations. My kiddos are still young and flights are woah expensive (especially because of oldest’s peanut allergy we can’t fly SWA) so they’ll be shorter road-trip vacations, but I’m still really excited!

1 thought on “Currently…”

  1. Hey, so I’m only going to do Currently posts every other Tuesday. Every single week is too much for me, too, so I figure alternating weeks is far more doable. 🙂 I loved the photos of your veggie garden on IG. How fun! Can’t wait to see how your crops come in. And best of luck with that WiP, lady!

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