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My Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

I submitted to Pitch Wars this year (keep those fingers crossed, friends), so here is my mentee bio to tell the mentor’s a little about how awesome I am and why they should pick me (PICK ME! PICK ME!)

This is Jennie (AKA Me): 1609937_733741053376330_7289258994499347965_n

I like lists, so here is a list of Me:

*stay-at-home-momma to a 1st grader and a 2.5yo
*wife to a Firefighter/Paramedic (we met at 18, I knew w/in one month he was THE ONE)
*constant reader – favorite genres: YA contemp and non-fiction (biographies are my jam)
*YA Contemp writer: I like smooching in my books
*Missouri girl
*wannabe Gilmore Girl
*If we ever move (we won’t) we’d move to the PNW.
*I used to work in the insurance biz, specifically for over-the-road truckers
*country music lover
*yoga and running: stress relievers, workouts, and insomnia busters all-in-one
*backyard gardener
*pretty picture taker (related: I’m Instagram obsessed)
*total Type A person
*Clutter gives me anxiety
*my bookshelves are organized by color
*will complete the presidential challenge in December
*my parents are two of my best friends
*most of my other best friends live in my computer (thank you Al Gore for the internet ;))



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