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NaNoWriMo Update

I crossed over 35K today! I’ve written 3.5 of the 5 early chapter books I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. And so far, I’m still loving it. I do miss writing the smooching scenes and the ability to toss a few curse words into the dialogue, but otherwise, I’m loving it. 🙂

IMG_4398 IMG_4375

As part of NaNo, I’m doing an experiment in writing every day. I don’t hit my NaNo word count each day, but I’m writing at least a few hundred words on my projects each day. I know A LOT of writer advice is set up around writing every day, even for brief periods of time. It’s never worked for me before, but I’ve never really tried that hard at it either. So, I’m doing that this month. I’ll be expanding on my thoughts at the end of this little experiment, but so far, I’ve confirmed that writing every day is just not for me. At least for this phase in my life.

Even with all the writing, I’m still reading!



I’m a little ahead of my targeted NaNo word count, which is good coming into the weekend. And then there is Thanksgiving next week…we’re hosting. So I know there are a few days ahead that my word count will be far below the daily needed for NaNo. But that’s okay, I’m feeling pretty good overall.


1 thought on “NaNoWriMo Update”

  1. You’re doing awesome!

    I’m trying to write every day too. So far so good, even if a few days were just a hundred or so words.

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