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After NaNoWriMo…


I won NaNoWriMo on November 28th, my first win in a few years! After a few days of decompressing (and going on a reading binge!) I’m back to blog about my thoughts.

  • Writing early chapter books was different, and also really fun. The length was a good motivator in the pursuit of 50k. I didn’t have that awful sticky middle thing going on, which was nice. Though when I crossed over 30K and knew I still had two more BOOKS to write before finishing, my brain had a hard time with that. (Though, I did miss writing  smooching and cursing scenes!)
  • Writing every day IS NOT for me. With my husband’s erratic schedule as a firefighter/paramedic and being both parents when he’s at the fire station, some days are just NOT writing days for me. I could handle it for the short period of NaNo, but knowing myself, the goal of writing each day would stress me out instead of inspiring.
  • I still love NaNo. The community, the inspiration, the deadline. All of it speaks to me as a person and as a writer. It’s the best!
  • As one of my prizes for finishing NaNo was my CPs notes on THAT PLACE CALLED HOME, so I spent the last week revising and tweaking based off of those. I sent out the revised MS to my next wave of beta readers. I’ll make revisions when their notes come back, but that’s about all the writing I’m planning this month. I’ve got seven books to finish to hit my reading goal of 125 for the year, so that’s my focus. 🙂

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