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Welcome 2016!

My top nine Instagram photos for 2015

2015 was a doozy of a year for me and my family. Unforeseen expenses and upheaval and chaos, but also wonderful days and weeks of hikes and vacations and fun. Writing wise, 2015 was hard. HARD. It was emotional and jagged and crushing. But also hopeful.

I wrote two complete YA novels (this one I put on a shelf and this one that I’m polishing), I wrote five early chapter books (with a personal reason behind them) and read hundreds and hundreds of pages of my talented CPs that made me a better writer.

A friendly text that made me cry.

My goals for 2015 were:

1. Write a first draft (at least) in a different genre that Contemporary. – In an effort to be more adventurous, I want to branch out. I’ve written a lot of contemporary and one paranormal that had so little plot it can hardly be considered paranormal. I love action-y and adventur-y  stories and I want to write one!

2. Get an agent. – I know, this one is pretty far out of my control, but I’m putting it out there anyway.

3. Attend either a writing conference or a writing retreat of some sort. I think being around like-minded people will rejuvenate my creative juju and if I do a retreat, hopefully put up some big word count numbers!

Well, I didn’t really end up completing any of those goals. But that’s okay. While I didn’t write a book in a different genre than contemporary, I did write for a different age category. So the courage and risk was still there. The second didn’t happen either, but hopefully this year! And the third thing was going to happen but then life and money got in the way.

Here are my goals/plans for 2016:

  1. Revise and polish the early chapter book series (TALES FROM THE PEANUT FREE TABLE AT STARFIELD ELEMENTARY) and do something with it.
  2. Do something with THAT PLACE CALLED HOME.
  3. Write something new.
  4. Attend a writing conference or writing retreat. (This one is going to be on my list until it happens!)

I think our family word for 2016 is going to be INTENTION, and I feel like it’s a good fit for my writing life too. If I intend to be a published author, I need to take the steps to achieve that goal. I think it’ll be a good mindset for the year.


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