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Once again I’m joining in on Katy Upperman’s Currently post. I really hope to keep doing them regularly (or at least, more regularly) this year.


I decided in late December that I was going to yoga in January. Even when I don’t want to, or think I’m too tired, or want to read instead. And so far, I’ve done it! Even if was just a light and quick few moments, I’ve gotten on the mat. It’s almost always an instant mood-booster, too!


I just finished this last night, and it is so good. The short stories inside were creepy and spooky and awesome, and the comments on writing were just what I needed to hear.



Nothing. We finished Jessica Jones last week (HOLY CRAP the suspense!) and haven’t jumped into anything else yet. I think Making of a Murderer is up next though.

Listening To

The Eagles. After Glenn Frey’s death, it just seems right. See, my parents listened to a lot of classic rock when I was growing up, and it kind of became a thing I really liked too. I sang Hotel California to both of my babies as lullabies. (I know, not exactly a heartwarming song) and they had instrumental versions of The Eagles’s songs playing as they slept. I was saddened by the news yesterday, so it seems fitting that this week be all about these songs I grew up on.


Thinking About

My youngest is supposed to start preschool tomorrow. EEK! And YAY! I’m terrified but also excited for the writing time! I will be able to plop down on the couch and read uninterrupted! Or take a nap! (I said “supposed to” because we’re getting winter weather today and there’s already talk about schools being canceled tomorrow)


Today I started revising the fourth (of five) early chapter books I wrote for NaNo. Once I finish it and the fifth, I’m going to print them out and read through them all over again. I usually hate revising with a passion, but I’m mostly enjoying it this time around. I can’t wait (and also, I’m terrified!) to read these aloud to my oldest.



Is it late February yet? A few of my bookish friends have started planning for our (mostly) annual get together and I need time to hurry faster so it can be here already!

Making Me Happy

Kicking my husband’s booty in Qwixx the other night!



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