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Once again I’m joining Katy Upperman’s Currently posts. It’s really fun, so you should join too!


My library system does a summer reading challenge for kids and a winter reading challenge for adults. The prize for winning is a fun mug. This its third year, and I’ve participated every year, so I won this fancy blue mug last week. (That’s my current library stack!)



I recently fell into a book rut (I blogged about it over at We Still Read) and have been rereading the Sookie Stackhouse series. They’re fun, fast, and familiar…all things I need right now.

I also read this article in the American History magazine about one of my favorite founding families, The Adams.IMG_5979


Gilmore Girls and coloring = relaxation!


Listening To

My kids arguing over a toy? Check. Hammering? Check. A four day weekend spent getting your house ready to sell while wrangling children is just a little stressful.

Thinking About

I’m still drafting the romance novel that still has no title. (I am the worst with titles. Most of them don’t come to me until late in the game) I’m really enjoying this story. I sent the first chapter to a few CPs and they seemed to really like it too, so yay!



I’m leaving on a jet plane…(and yes, I totally sang that as I typed) This weekend I’m headed to visit two of my best friends for a quick girls weekend. There will be board games, books, caffeine, hiking, and the fun that you have when you see your best friends only once a year!!


That we sell our house AND find a new one quickly and without drama. (HA, so unlikely, I know!)

Making Me Happy

A lunch with a writer pal over the weekend!




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