Once again I’m joining Katy Upperman’s Currently posts. It’s really fun, so you should join too!


I took a girls only trip to visit my two best friends. One of us list in Missouri, one in Ohio, and one in Georgia, but we still try to meet up at least once a year. We had the best time together, as always!



February was an I-N-S-A-N-E month. We put our house on the market and had a contract on it within two days. We put a contract on a new (to us) house that same day. So, I reread the Sookie Stackhouse series for the most of the month because I couldn’t handle anything new.


Nothing. See above, :).

Listening To

This podcast is awesome. Informative and new and perfect for any history nerd.


Thinking About

Our new home that we’ll move into later this month! Also, I’m hoping these tulips pop before we move (selfishly!).



In addition to being a US history nerd, I’m kinda also a space nerd. And today marks Scott Kelly’s final minutes of his Year In Space. He comes back to Earth tonight, and I’m super excited about it. Here’s his Twitter account and also his Instagram. There are many, many stunning photos of space!


I wish I knew where to find some free packing elves. And some free movers, too. Actually, I love the packing portion of moving, just not the actual lifting boxes from one place to another.

Making Me Happy

I’m trying to make time to write, but with all that’s going on, it’s been pretty hard. I’m enjoying my WIP (the romance novel that still doesn’t have a title) so when I’m not able to write, I miss it!




3 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. Congratulations on selling your house and finding a new one! You’ll have to post photos when you get all the boxes unpacked.

  2. You need to find some local high school or college boys to do the physical box moving. Pay them cheap, and buy them pizza. 🙂 Congrats on the sale/purchase — what an exciting month. Best of luck with the move, Jennie!

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