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Once again I’m joining Katy Upperman’s Currently posts. It’s really fun, so you should join too!


The gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Yesterday was my birthday and it was perfect for a long walk outside. The grass is greening up and the trees are budding! I know, climate change is really bad (and I do believe that) but damn, I’m totally enjoying this weather.



I just finished Nicole Michael’s Draw Me Close, and it was wonderful! Swoons and conflicts and heart and I couldn’t put it down!


Nothing. We’ve been packing and getting things ready for our move to a new house the end of this month.

Listening To

Here’s a little sneak at the Spotify playlist for Castaway Cove #1. IMG_6463

Thinking About

Voting and packing. I’ve done both today. πŸ™‚



Finishing this draft? That would be really nice, but with all the moving stuff, it’s not looking like I’ll meet my original 3/31/16 goal. I’m okay with that, though. And, there’s always Camp NaNo in April to help me over the hump.


Pretty sure I wished for this last Currently, but since none have show up, I’m wishing yet again for packing fairies!

Making Me Happy

On Sunday we took a family trip to Half Price Books and, oh how I love that place!



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