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{Currently} The Moving Edition

Once again I’m joining Katy Upperman’s Currently posts. It’s really fun, so you should join too!


Last week was both of my kids’ spring break, and one of the things we did was a visit to a local Living History Museum. We met people in period clothes and riding horses and wandered through buildings originally located in the area. It was fascinating and fun. The blacksmith’s barn was my favorite. IMG_6641


I just finished this biography on JQA (who is one of my biggest historical dude crushes) and it was highly informative and engrossing. I also just read this biography on Rosemary Kennedy after one of my BFFs recommended it and it was fascinating. Horrifying at what ended up happening to her, but also fascinating.



The kids have been watching a fair amount of movies because of all the packing. That’s about all we’ve had on lately.

Listening To

Hamilton. I FINALLY convinced my husband to give it a listen and now it’s the only thing we listen to. Last week I had tears streaming down my face with my whole family in the car. (Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story gets me every time!)

Thinking About

MOVING! We will be moving half of our house today and the rest tomorrow. We close Wednesday afternoon! Fingers crossed it’s a smooth transition! Hopefully next Currently, I’ll have some photos to post of the new place. I’ve got big plans for new bookcases. 🙂


With spring break and packing, I haven’t had much writing time. I’ve squeezed in some, but I’m looking forward to next week and getting back into our normal routine a bit more.



Mother Nature needs to get her seasons straight. The Easter Bunny brought us snow yesterday! It was melted by noon, but still. The tulip photo is from Saturday and the snow is Sunday…it looks like it survived the cold snap we had overnight Sunday, thankfully.


Making Me Happy

The idea of unpacking all of these boxes in the new house! Also, this tree outside of our local library branch.



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