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December Reading

So 2016 has been a year, huh?! I totally failed at NaNo after the election (and our vacation to NYC for Hamilton) and pretty much didn’t do much reading either. But now that the weather has turned (finally!) chillier, I’m looking toward the end of 2016 and what awaits in 2017.

Much of this year has been upheaval for me (selling/buying a new home this spring and settling in) and I have been fighting a reading funk for most of the year. I reread the Sookie Stackhouse books early in the year, and that was so refreshing. So much so, that I decided to spend the last month of the year rereading!

I usually read one fiction and one non-fiction book simultaneously, and given the stack of non-fiction books I own but haven’t read (because the library hold button is an evil thing 😉 ), I’m going to read what I own for non-fiction.

So, December is all about getting lost in the comfort of favorite fictional worlds and making headway on the non-fiction I already own! I’m really looking forward to ending a somewhat tumultuous year with comfort while clearing off my shelf.

Here are my first two reads for the month:


I hope to post more this month, but if not, Happy Holidays!


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