30 before 35

On my 31st birthday I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish by my 35th birthday. Here they are:

1. Get an agent
2. Sell at least one book
3. Dye my hair with a crazy color Summer 2014, pink tips
4. Get a passport
5. Use that passport
6. Go to a writing retreat
7. Go to a writing conference
8. Learn to knit or crochet Spring 2014, not great but I can knit
9. Get my Owned-But-Not-Read pile to ZERO
10. Go camping
11. Take a painting class (I’ve wanted to do this for years)
12. Attend a country music concert (I used to go to country concerts in HSl/college, I miss them) September 2014 – Tate Stevens
13. Take my kiddos to an ocean
14. Complete the presidential challenge – Completed December 2015
15. Watch the entire Friday Night Lights series (in the middle of season 2 right now)
16. Visit two new states – Illinois, 2017
17. Rewatch the Veronica Mars series
18. Grow something new in our backyard garden every year – 2014, broccoli. 2015, onions. 2016, sweet potatoes. 2017, cauliflower.
19. Read 100 books in one calendar year 2014: 152
20. Photograph a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
21. Switch all our plastic kitchen storage containers for glass
22. Go without pop or coffee for seven days in a row
23. Run in a 5K – Rise Up 5K, July 2017
24. Master Scrivener so I feel as comfortable with it as Word
25. Try out a hot yoga class
26. Visit two presidential libraries – August 2014, George W Bush. February 2015, Harry S. Truman.
27. Sew each kid something special and personalized I crocheted each of my kids a doll blanket, fall 2016.
28. Print out our private family blog into yearly books Instead of this, I started using Chatbooks to print out our family Instagram into cute photo books.
29. Write a MS from a male-POV – The New Kid, early chapter book
30. Take the kids on a plane


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