About Me


I like lists:

*momma to a 3rd grader and a 4 year old
*wife to a Firefighter/Paramedic – we met at 18, I knew within one month he was THE ONE.
*constant reader – I read most anything, but biographies are my jam
*missouri girl
*wannabe Gilmore Girl
*I worked in insurance, for over-the-road truckers
*highest words with friends play: 117 points (word: grazes)
*yoga and long walks refresh my heart
*backyard gardener
*pretty picture taker
img_3450*total Type A person
*clutter makes me twitch
*i deal with insomnia on a semi-regular basis
*diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety after my 2nd kiddo (I’ve had life long anxiety struggles too)
*my bookshelves are organized by color
*i completed the presidential challenge
*my parents and my husband are three of my very best friends


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