My Words

I write stories about love with smooching and swoons and sunshine and friendship.

My contemporary YA novel, THE FIRST DROP, is on Swoon Reads right now. Click here to read it! You’ll be helping me at the chance to see it on a bookstore shelf.

One by one, all of Olive’s perfectly cemented plans fall apart. Her BFF leaves town with her new boyfriend. Olive’s mom says she’s pregnant with twins. Her parent-free trip to Spain is cancelled.

There’s still Milo, who says corny pick-up lines but lays on the swoons too. His appetite for adventure is anything but predictable—he takes her urban exploring, traipsing through an abandoned home at night.

With each date, their escapades get riskier. With each shot of adrenaline, Olive embraces a new side of herself. Then Milo’s stunts go a step too far, leaving one of his friends in the hospital, and Olive is forced to face the real danger of their so-called fun.

When Milo asks Olive to do something too wild, she must decide if she’s willing to lose herself to be the girl Milo wants, or risk losing him to stay true to herself.